Building upon theories and experiences rooted in organizational development and change management.

The Gilmour Group’s leadership coaching can help to:


effective communication, relationship building and strategic decision making.


strategic networks internally and externally to expand insight and develop coalitions.


large scale change and navigate leadership transitions, including cultural integration associated with mergers and acquisitions.


and communicate their vision to mobilize their organization.


and leverage high-performing teams within the organization.


organizational talent management processes to ensure the right people are hired, on-boarded with the strategy in mind and developed in the position as needed. 




The Gilmour Group helps leaders to understand clearly their strengths and areas for development, and then to focus on building the most relevant high-impact leadership competencies and practices. Their pragmatic approach has helped leaders in numerous areas including strategic thinking and planning, building high performance teams, influence, conflict management, and work/life balance.


The Gilmour Group consults with organizations on building their strategy, leadership pipeline, and high performance teams. They help leaders to develop and communicate their strategy, and to identify the knowledge, resources and processes required for execution. They have worked in a variety of industries but specializes in high tech environments.

developing conscious leaders

Leadership Development Programs


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Individualized coaching to help leaders gain insight and clarity into the nuances of their leadership style, which allows them to become the courageous and authentic leaders they aspire to be. Leaders learn to create a strategic narrative to engage and mobilize their organization to achieve their business objectives.

Leaders gain critical insight through various assessment tools into how they are perceived by those above them, their colleagues and direct reports.

The coach works with each leader to build and develop specific, critical competencies for his or her leadership effectiveness.

Each unique organizational culture is considered throughout the work to ensure success within that environment.

Coaching program includes targeted practices and learning to integrate new skills, behavior and ways of relating.

Off-Site Facilitation

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Partner with leaders to design and facilitate successful off-site meetings:

CLARIFY desired outcomes

SURFACE critical issues

CREATE innovative solutions

BUILD team cohesiveness

Vision and Strategy Development

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Facilitate process to develop a compelling vision and strategy to achieve business goals:

FACILITATE process to craft compelling vision that mobilizes organization.

CREATE solid plans with clear milestones to achieve business objectives.

Personal Leadership Group Coaching

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PLGC is a six-month group coaching program for managers and high potential individual contributors. The program consists of a six- hour introductory meeting, followed by five, 3-hour monthly group meetings and five individual coaching calls.
Participants will:

OWN their unique leadership strengths and style.

SELECT and develop a Leadership Skill and Catalyzing Quality that makes a marked difference in their effectiveness.

BECOME more skillful at the principles and practices of Personal Change that can be used again and again to support a culture of continuous improvement.

DEVELOP a network of support that helps ensure the intended change translates into on-the-job action.

GAIN understanding and appreciation of the different gifts and challenges of various leadership styles.


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Customized team development geared to build collaboration, alignment and accountability. Work is targeted to build needed insights, skills and competencies to increase creativity and innovation and achieve business objectives:

Individual and team assessment to identify strengths and areas for development.

Skill building using real business situations and objectives.

Individual coaching with team leaders to expand their understanding of the unique talents and challenges in their groups and how to motivate and manage them most effectively.

Developing conscious leaders


Executive coaching from Gwen Havern was very useful for me. In the beginning I was very skeptical that coaching could help in solving tough issues. After a couple of weeks, I realized it was worth the effort and I could see changes in my management style. The regular systematic sessions were very good in practicing mindfulness and showing empathy even under high-pressure situations. I highly recommend coaching for senior managers and executives responsible for managing world-wide resources with diverse cultures.

PhD Design Director

Major Silicon Valley Company

I felt I had leveled out in my professional development, but Gwen helped me understand how to think about leadership and put me on a positive trajectory to the next level. It’s like I had been climbing a mountain peak, but she helped me see over the top to a whole new vista of opportunity.

Senior Manager

Leading Software Company

Gwen has supported me on numerous occasions on difficult organizational issues where diverse cultures (Chinese, Russian, and American) and strong personalities were getting in the way of successful execution of critical business objectives. Gwen supported me and my team in development the strategic plans at my company. We had three very diverse businesses resulting from two acquisitions. She supported me in developing a five year strategic plan and one year tactical plan focused on leveraging the technologies, skills and capabilities of diverse set of businesses and cultures. Gwen utilized her strong organizational development skills and processes to understand the cultural and business dynamics of these diverse groups to establish a baseline and develop a go forward plan. This resulted in strong alignment of the teams and a highly motivated organization with a strategic and tactical plan that was embraced by the organization.

Senior Executive

Global Semi-Conductor Company

developing conscious leaders


developing conscious leaders


Gwen Havern, Founder
Gwen Havern, Founder

Gwen Havern is an Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant who has worked with hundreds of leaders in the US, Europe and Asia. Her professional background includes a variety of positions in Fortune 500 companies, including Director of Global Learning at Analog Devices, where she translated the senior team’s strategy into enterprise planning for leadership development and processes. With the Gilmour Group, Gwen works with CEOs and their staffs to increase their effectiveness through an integral coaching process and targeted strategic off-sites.


Gwen completed the Executive HR Program at University of Michigan, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with an MA in Counseling Psychology. She is certified in MyersBriggs: Type Indicator, PDI and Booth Leadership Surveys, and Social Styles instruments. Gwen is a certified integral coach.

developing conscious leaders


The Gilmour Group leads engagement across the US, Europe and Asia.

We look forward to learning how we can assist with individual or corporate leadership coaching needs.



Contact The Gilmour Group for more information about available individual leadership or corporate team leadership programs.

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